Trump Flies Into Saturday Night Rant Like An Insecure Egomaniac


Very high up there, President Donald Trump’s priorities list features none other than… himself. Even as the United States deals with a supposed national emergency over a crisis at the southern border, he finds plenty of time to tout those who support him via his social media. On Twitter this weekend, he pushed a book by conservative commentator Victor Davis Hanson called The Case For Trump, writing simply:

‘Great new book: “The Case For Trump” by Victor Davis Hanson, Hoover Senior Fellow.’

It’s far from the first time that Trump has touted a private citizen’s moneymaking endeavor in support of his presidency. In fact, at this point, he does so somewhat regularly, often sharing the latest high-profile Trump-supporting book. However, the regularity doesn’t make the effort any less concerning. He is turning his presidency into a business enterprise, not just for himself, but for others too.

Just recently, reports circulated about the steep price his inaugural committee paid to his very own D.C. hotel for space associated with his inauguration festivities. More than $1.5 million went from inaugural committee donors straight into the Trumps’ own pockets. In the time since, over and over again the president has patronized properties branded with his own name while president, again sending taxpayer dollars right back into his bank accounts and those of his family members.

Trump pushing Hanson’s book fits right into that pattern.

Besides, why is some commentator’s praise for the president of supposed national — and even global — importance? Does the president really need that constant validation? At this point, it’s clear that he apparently does, which is troubling to say the least for someone who you’d hope would take a levelheaded, nonpartisan approach to issues facing all Americans.

He has proven again and again that pandering to his Trump-centric base is paramount for him, focusing his entire presidency on his campaign promise to build a southern border wall, despite the complete lack of evidence for the high crime associated with that border and undocumented immigration overall that he claims.

Check out Twitter’s response to the president…

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