WaPo Responds To Trump’s Claims Their Fact-Checks Are ‘For Dems’


If there are two things that are certain, it’s Donald Trump’s hatred of Jeff Bezos, as well as any fact-checking service that does their job accurately. Bezos is the subject of many of Trump’s Twitter rants, and Bezos just so happens to be the owner of Washington Post. So what would get under Trump’s skin more than anything? A Fact-check from WaPo.

Trump tweeted this attack on Bezos’ company earlier this week:

Now, an actual fact-checker who works at The Washington Post has responded to the president’s hateful jab at the media giant:

Glenn Kessler had this to say on Twitter about the president’s attack:

“Reminder: Trump cites the @washingtonpost Fact Checker when we give Pinocchios to Democrats.”

The responses to Kessler’s tweets were about what you’d expect. Check out the best ones below via screenshot: