White Marines In Mega Viral Blackface Video Just OD’d On Karma Dosage


America has found itself thrust backwards into a time when blackface and outright bigotry was not only tolerated, but a sign of patriotism. This modern-day civil rights era seemingly started when the first black man was elected president and social media really starting taking over people’s lives.

Now, under Donald Trump, the country has found that a message of tolerance towards racists, i.e. white supremacists, nazis, skinheads, Klansmen, etc. has led to the youth of this nation thinking that not only is it acceptable to behave this way, but it is your right as a white American.

A video that just went viral of two young Marines in blackface should and will lead to a big dishonorable boot from the military, but it should also be held as an example of just how badly President Trump is poisoning the not-so-smart half of the country.

Check out the video below via Twitter:

In the video, the second idiot can be heard saying “hello monkey” in a feeble attempt at humor. This is unacceptable. We are calling for the immediate expulsion of these two marines, and people who saw this tweet agree. Below are some of the comments people left on the thread.