Nevada Governor Humiliates Donald Trump In Front Of The Entire World (DETAILS)


Many of the decisions Mr. Trump has made since he became president have been questionable to say the least, including his most recent decision to declare a national emergency over something that isn’t actually an emergency.

On Saturday, it was reported that Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak (D) will not attend meetings at the White House this week in protest of the Trump administration’s decision to secretly ship 1,000 pounds of plutonium to a nuclear waste facility outside of Las Vegas.

On Wednesday, The Department of Energy disclosed that it had shipped one-half metric ton of weapons-grade plutonium from South Carolina to the Nevada National Security Site, despite Nevada’s objections.

According to MSN News:

‘The Justice Department notified a federal judge in Reno the government had already trucked the radioactive material to the site 70 miles north of Las Vegas when Nevada filed a request for an injunction to block the move in November.’

Sisolak said:

‘The president, without our knowledge, decided to have half a ton of plutonium shipped to the state of Nevada. We don’t know when it was shipped, how it was shipped, when it got there.’

Sisolak explained:

‘My main focus is to protect the citizens of my state, and I feel it would be disingenuous to go and have a sit-down dinner with the president and the administration when we’ve written letters, tried to get responses to why this was done, and thus far heard crickets.’

This year, the nation’s governors are holding their annual meeting at a downtown Washington hotel. Traditionally, the White House invites governors to a dinner on Sunday night, followed by a series of working meetings on Monday with the president and administration officials.

Governor Sisolak will not be present at those meetings. Sisolak’s office sent a letter to Energy Secretary Rick Perry earlier this month requesting information about the plutonium shipment, which took place before November’s election. The White House has not responded to their requests for information.

Sisolak said:

‘I’m very disappointed. We’d love to meet with [Perry]. We’ve reached out to try to meet with the administration and the secretary and thus far have not been successful.’

One White House spokesperson seemed to deny Sisolak’s claims, saying that the governor had been offered opportunities to speak with “senior administration officials” at the White House twice in the past two months.

Judd Deere, a White House spokesman said:

‘It’s disappointing that Nevada’s new governor would choose not to take up his concerns with senior administration officials despite being given that opportunity.’

He continued, saying:

‘The Trump administration is open to discussions with the governor on this topic as well as others. Gov. Sisolak has been invited to the White House twice in the last two months and turned down the invitation both times — that partisan approach is disappointing.’

The issue of dealing with nuclear waste isn’t new for Nevada, as politicians have long sought to block the transfer of nuclear waste from across the country to the national security site, near Yucca Mountain.

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