Pelosi Emasculates Trump Again With Brilliant Weekend Mexico Trip Trolling


This weekend, in a move that was more presidential than anything Trump has done since the election, Speaker Nancy Pelosi participated in an “International Bridge Ceremony” in Laredo, TX with Mexican officials and dignitaries on a bridge connecting Mexico and the United States.

During the celebration, Pelosi was seen sharing a hug with a Mexican official as part of the ceremony, which was organized and hosted by the Washington’s Birthday Celebration Association of Laredo (WBCA).

Nancy Pelosi participates in a US-Mexico hug ceremony

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi participates in a US-Mexico hug ceremony on the border near Laredo, Texas.

Posted by KUTV 2News on Saturday, February 23, 2019

The organization chose to use George Washington’s birthday as the date for WBCA Celebration, (which is a month-long event held in Laredo, TX every February), in hopes that it “might offer the best of all cultures influencing the heritage of Laredo’s citizens,” according to the organization’s website.

The website also states that as part of the bridge ceremony, Mexican and American dignitaries and officials come together to share “abrazos,” or hugs, to symbolize “the amity and understanding between two neighboring nation.”

Speaker Pelosi was invited to the ceremony by Texas Rep. Henry Cuellar, who she thanked in a tweet that she posted on Saturday afternoon.

Pelosi’s tweet and participation in the events this weekend received a resoundingly positive response. Here are some of our favorites via Twitter:

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