Bernie Sanders’ Monday Town Hall Just Proved Why He’s Next POTUS


In 2016, Senator Bernie Sanders, who I personally believe should have been the Democratic candidate, was given a raw deal when the DNC chose Hillary Clinton instead.

Well, Bernie is back and the DNC has a second chance to do right by the Democratic party and put an end to this Trumpian nightmare.

Tonight during a CNN Town Hall, Bernie spelled it all out for us so that we don’t get it wrong again.

One very important thing that people keep saying about this upcoming election is that whoever is nominated needs to be fully prepared to deal with the bullying tactics that Trump is famous for. Bernie outlines below how he will be prepared for this:

Bernie even took the time to praise Trump, which I’m sure would be hard for most candidates, but he gives credit where credit is due:

Bernie Sanders made an amazing case tonight, and we certainly hope that the DNC gets it right this time around! We don’t need a repeat of 2016!!

Watch Bernie’s full Q&A Town Hall below:

Featured image via Twitter