Deputy AG Rosenstein Makes Cryptic Mueller Remarks & It’s On


The Democrat-led House committees have decided to get the Special Counsel Robert Mueller report through subpoena, testimony by Mueller, or even lawsuits. The Republicans blew through all of the Department of Justice (DOJ) rules and regulations with Secretary Hillary Clinton. When the GOP controlled the House, they claimed reams and reams of information. People can barely wait for the report to come out, so they hang on Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein’s every word.

Many took Rosenstein’s comments as something of a downer. The Washington Post’s Matt Zapotosky tweeted that the deputy AG noted that “there are a lot of reasons not to be transparent about what we do in government.”

Rosenstein continued saying “if we aren’t prepared to prove our case beyond a reasonable doubt in court, then we have no business making allegations against American citizens:”

‘If you are expecting Mueller/DOJ to willingly release a report that blasts Trump or other, un-indicted people in his orbit, please read these remarks today from Rod Rosenstein, who appointed Mueller and supervised most of his investigation. The bold emphasis is mine.’

Zapotosky continued, noting that Rosenstein said “the president will deserve credit for the folks he appointed:”


‘Rod Rosenstein, at @CSIS, says when we look back at this era in the Justice Dept, we’ll be “proud,” & “the president will deserve credit for the folks he appointed to run the department.” Doesn’t sound to me like a man who knows Mueller’s about to release a report blasting Trump.’

However, Christine Clauser at The Lawfare said Rosenstein’s remarks could have been read differently:

‘Sounds like it doesn’t bode well. But it could be read that unlike going public against Hillary 2 wks b4 an election- they’re going to go back to doing things ‘by the book’- as Mueller said. This is a sobering treatise on how to receive the Mueller report:’

Twitter world went wild. Check out some of our favorite responses below:

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