Pelosi Taunts Trump On Twitter Like A Master Negotiator & He Falls For It


The president really thought he could say there was an emergency that no one could see or feel, and government officials would just stand aside and let him rip off the American people who don’t want their tax dollars going to a multi-billion dollar border wall that won’t, in actuality, do anything the president promises it will do.

Well, he was dead wrong about that one, and the new Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi just sounded off on Twitter AND in a national press conference to let the president and his racist supports know that his sham of a border emergency will be known for exactly what it is.

Check out what Pelosi just tweeted about the president’s abuse of the nation’s emergency system:

Pelosi’s Twitter followers and a few trolls chimed in with their opinions almost immediately. We saved the best responses to the tweet below: