Trump Jr. Just Ranted Against Trans People Like A Disgusting Bigot


Donald Trump Jr. just keeps talking as if he has any compelling reason to be on the national stage besides his last name. This week, he took to griping on social media about the acceptance of transgender people as who they are, complaining that transgender girls had finished in the top two spots at the Connecticut girls’ indoor track championships.

He whined:

‘I feel so sorry for the young ladies who trained their whole lives to be the best in their state and to hopefully attain scholarships etc etc… this is a grave injustice.’



This is the grave injustice in the world, Trump Jr.? The fact that acceptance of transgender people let them finish in the top spots at a track meet? The fact that open arms for transgender students has produced some possible hiccups — like happens, in wait for it, normal human interaction? The Trumps must not be very familiar with the concept.

Many others would no doubt point to many other issues as the grave injustice in the world, like the Trump administration’s incessant assault on immigrant rights that’s included them literally putting undocumented kids in cages in an effort to deter asylum seekers aiming for refuge in the United States from violence in their home countries.

The actual grave injustice in the world could also include the Trump administration’s ban on transgender people serving in the U.S. Armed Forces. President Donald Trump based his original argument for the ban on the completely faulty premise that providing for transgender soldiers would present a challenging financial and even logistical burden for the military. In reality, the Armed Forces spend more on Viagra than they would on transgender-specific medical care.

In the reality of this case, there’s no indication that anyone actually involved in the issue in Connecticut reached out to any of the Trumps, which would give Trump Jr. at least a little bit of basis for his social media evangelizing and attempt to haughtily ride in like a white knight we should all defer to.

The issue has risen for at least a few years running at this point, because despite criticism, the sprinters have continued to compete. There is no apparent actual tangible evidence that their gender identity gives them an advantage as critics claim because of the elevated levels of testosterone in their bodies, although the possibility is certainly there.

This year, the two of them finished in the first two places in the 55-meter dash. Second place finisher Andraya Yearwood was only .21 seconds faster than the third place finisher, who is not transgender. For Trump Jr. or anyone else to claim that they can definitely say why that split second difference turned out the way it did is frankly outlandish. It’s not even as though they swept all of the competitions, although 55-meter dash winner Terry Miller also won this year’s 300-meter dash.

While there could be closer and more fitting care given to fairness in the races considering not gender identity but hormone levels, that is simply a theoretical possibility that Donald Trump Jr. has no stake in whatsoever.

Still, some of Trump Jr.’s followers lost their cool over the issue.

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