Trump’s Restaurants Busted For Nasty Health Code Violations


Nearly two years ago, Mr. Trump’s Mar-a-Lago restaurants were slapped with health code violations. They were cited for 15 health code violations including unsafe seafood, insufficiently refrigerated meats, rusty shelving, and cooks without hairnets.

Filth is becoming the president’s signature stamp these days. Now, Mr. Trump’s New York City eateries have also been written up for some serious health code violations in recent months. Trump's Restaurants Busted For Nasty Health Code Violations Corruption Donald Trump Social Media Top Stories Videos

According to New York Daily News:

‘Mice in the kitchen, filthy food prep areas and broken sewage systems are on the list of recent stomach-turning health code violations at a number of Trump-branded restaurants in the city, the Daily News has learned.’

Health inspections at Trump’s properties from Midtown Manhattan to Bronx’s Ferry Point resulted in various health code violations, and showed the struggle to keep day-to-day operations clean.

New York Daily News reported:

‘Violations at the President’s crown jewel and Manhattan residence — Trump Tower on Fifth Avenue — are perhaps the most gag-inducing.’

On July 11, 2018, when City Department of Health inspectors visited the Trump Tower’s cafe, they found “evidence of mice or live mice” in and around the kitchen. The violation was categorized by inspectors as “critical.”

Inspectors said the conditions of the restaurant were conducive to attracting vermin” and “allowing vermin to exist.” They also said that the eatery’s food contact surfaces” had not been properly maintained and “unacceptable” material had been used to build some “non-food contact” stations, making them practically impossible to clean.

Since 2014, The Trump Tower eatery has been written up for various health code violations. Some included sightings of “live roaches” in 2016 and “filth flies” in 2017. This was the first time inspectors found mice or evidence of mice.

Mr. Trump is technically still chief executive of the restaurant since he never completely divested from his namesake company when he became president. One former business associate revealed that he has a tendency to not clean up after himself.

The ex-associate who spoke on the condition of anonymity said:

‘He has always been far more focused on creating an image for his properties than in spending what it takes to make them excellent.’

A spokesperson for the Trump Organization said that “minor infractions” were dealt with immediately, but did not comment directly on reports of mice. The spokesperson noted that the Midtown eatery has an “A” rating despite the violations.

A Health Department spokeswoman said though that only 22 percent of food establishments in the five boroughs have “mice-related violations.” Trump’s restaurant is in the minority of those that have serious violations.

A bartender at the skyscraper was asked about the cleanliness and commented that his work station did not have rodents scampering around. The bartender said:

‘I haven’t seen any mice here. I don’t know about the restaurant, but no mice here.’

At the Trump Golf Links in the Bronx, other serious health code violations were found. New York Daily News reported:

‘Food contact surfaces at the club’s eatery were not “properly washed, rinsed and sanitized after each use” or after “activity when contamination may have occurred.”‘

There seems to be no good reason to dine at any of these businesses, not to mention the fact that Mr. Trump’s name is on them.

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