Jim Acosta Follows Trump To Vietnam & Drama Unfolds Instantly


Jim Acosta went to Vietnam this morning to cover Trump’s meeting with Kim Jong un, the murderous dictator from North Korea. The two will speak about North Korea’s nuclear capabilities and how it affects the United States, but more than anything, the two pals are just reuniting to catch up on old times. Like their last embarrassing summit when the president of the United States made himself look like a complete fool for kissing up to the guy who hates America and everything it stands for.

Trump wishes he had the control over Americans that un has over North Koreans, and that may be why he seems to admire the pint-sized villain so much.

Acosta, however, isn’t a huge fan, and has already tweeted this morning that un must have had a problem with the American press being in the same hotel. According to Acosta’s post, it was un who had the American press members moved from the┬áMelia Hotel in Hanoi.

But why would a ruthless tyrant not want the America press too close to his sleeping quarters? Maybe he fears they will catch him doing something weird, something we’ve never seen him do before. Maybe they could catch him in him PJ’s.

People on Twitter were just as angry as Acosta over the move, with the exception of a few internet trolls wasting their mornings. Check out the best reactions to Acosta’s tweet below: