Kim Jong Un Caught On Camera Being Weird After Booting Acosta From Hotel


ABC News is in Vietnam this morning to cover the summit between Donald Trump and Kim Jong un, two men utterly in love with themselves at the expense of the entire rest of the planet. The two have met before, and the president got major backlash for being so friendly with the enemy of the U.S., just as people knew he would. Trump speaks favorably about Kim at every turn, yet for some reason, Kim looked awfully stressed this morning when he was caught on video having a smoke before dawn.

Check out the video of Kim like we’ve never seen him before:

Not only was the way he smokes the cigarette weird, but what kind of smoker doesn’t own a lighter, let alone a very rich one? Gauging by the way he puffs on it like it’s marijuana, and his lack of flame, one could easily assume that this is Kim’s very first cigarette.

This was right after he allegedly had the entire American press team moved to a different location after finding out they were staying in the same hotel.

Jim Acosta tweeted this:

People on Twitter were pretty amused by the video as well, and repeatedly thanked ABC for tweeting it out. Check out what some of those commenters left on the thread: