Adam Schiff Appears On ‘CNN Wednesday’ To Troll Trump During Cohen Hearing


The nation has moved in history as a result of Donald Trump’s personal attorney and fixer Michael Cohen’s testimony. Yesterday, people could ignore the president as Trump just being Trump. Today, that is no longer the case.

Chair of the House Intelligence committee Representative Adam Schiff (D-NY) helped the country open its eyes to the dysfunctional severity of Trump running this great land. Cohen testified before the Senate Intelligence Committee about POTUS and Russia behind closed doors. Then, Cohen testified before the House Oversight Committee and the U.S. people. His next testimony was scheduled with Schiff, again behind closed doors and on the man currently sitting in the Oval Office’s relationship with Russia.

The Intelligence committee chair raised the shade of Trump’s presidency onto a stark window of reality. He said that if Cohen’s testimony was accurate, Trump “literally committed crimes in the Oval Office.”

CNN’s Alysin Camerota interviewed Schiff about Cohen’s testimony. She asked “how do you assess where the investigations are today:”

‘So, congressman, where are we? Just give us from where you sit, because you have been so steeped in this. Where are we today? But these 20 pages are really in a different category of what is about to be revealed under oath to Congress and so, from where you sit, has the needle been moved? How do you assess where the investigations are today?’

Schiff replied that should Cohen’s testimony be accurate, Trump “engaged in criminal activity” in the Oval Office:

‘Well the needle has certainly been moved, and it’s been moved into the White House If Mr. Cohen’s allegations are correct, it means the president, while in office, literally while in the Oval Office was engaged in criminal activity, and that is furthering this campaign fraud scheme. So, that’s pretty breath-taking when you think about it, that the president of the United States is allegedly paying hush money as President of the United States, and misleading the country about it. And that’s pretty serious business.’

Featured image is a screenshot via YouTube.