‘Not Racist’ Mark Meadows Caught On Camera Saying Obama Is From Africa (VIDEO)


The spectacle of the Michael Cohen trial had some explosive moments, but the one that will be most remembered didn’t have much to do with Cohen. Rep. Rashida Talib (rightfully) called out Rep. Mark Meadows for his racist act of parading a black woman associated with Donald Trump to prove how not racist he is.

In a bid for Best Dramatic Actor, Meadows tearfully protested, saying he has nieces and nephews of color, so of course, he can’t be racist, either. However, a video of Meadows promoting Trump’s racist birther claim started being circulated on Twitter, and everyone found out just how racist he can be.

‘2012 is the time we are going to send Mr. Obama home to Kenya or wherever it is.’

To be perfectly clear, the insistence that the first black president had to be from Africa because he was black was racist when Donald Trump said it and it was racist when Mark Meadows did, too. The promise to “send [him] home” to Africa is an age-old, tired, racist phrase often used against non-white people as a way of saying they do not belong in white America, and so is “I can’t be racist, one of my friends (employees, nieces, nephews, family members) is black.”

Lest anyone forget, this is also how the current president rose to political prominence, with a racist birther claim that his racist fanbase cheered. Meadows joining in is just more proof of the lack of shame that he’s willing to display to win over racists for votes.

Twitter was appalled, but not surprised. Read some of their comments below:

Featured image screenshot via YouTube