Stormy Daniels Dramatically Messages Michael Cohen During Hearing (IMAGES)


Michael Cohen helped Donald Trump pay hush money to adult entertainer and director Stormy Daniels. The two had a one-night stand soon after Melania Trump gave birth to their son. If Daniels’ story had come out, it could have ruined the Republican candidate’s  chance to win the presidential election. Her message to Cohen during his testimony in front of Congress was a surprise.

Cohen has been worried about the threats to his wife and children. Plus, testifying before the House Oversight and Government Reform committee is very difficult. Cohen had spent a long day before testifying behind closed doors to the Senate Intelligence Committee. Then, he worked long after into the night on his upcoming public testimony.

Cohen also testified that he helped Trump pay money to Playboy model Karen McDougal for her silence. She and the billionaire had a year-long affair that overlapped Daniels’ affair. Daniels received $130,000 just before the election.

Daniels sent Cohen a surprise statement saying “I’m proud of you,” according to CNBC News:

‘In his testimony today, Michael Cohen described serious crimes and we should stay focused on those. But I do want to make a brief statement to Mr. Cohen directly.  Michael, I’m proud of you for finally beginning to tell the truth about what you did, and trying to repair some of the harm you have caused. I can hear the pain and regret you feel for betraying your family and your country. My heart goes out to you and your family.’

Then, Daniels continued writing “the president and his attorney put you and your family in danger:”

‘You spoke about how the president and his attorney put you and your family in danger by calling you a liar and a rat and disparaging you in public. I understand your fear, Michael. I have a family too. Do you believe now that when you and the president called me a liar, when you were his attorney and you insulted me, threatened to bankrupt me and worse, that you put me and my family in danger? I remember the fear you feel. I still feel it. Thank you for having the courage, at long last, to begin to tell the truth. I hope that someday soon your family and mine can both leave this nightmare behind.’

Federal prosecutors in the Southern District of New York continue with their investigation into monies paid Daniels and McDougal. Cohen has also been cooperating with the prosecutors. He also said he arranged for The National Enquirer publisher to pay the Playboy model $150,000. That would buy her silence by killing the story in an unsavory “catch and kill” move, meaning they never ran her story.

Cohen gave the House Oversight committee copies of two checks for $35,000 each. One of them has Trump’s unique signature, and Donald Trump Jr. signed the other one. The president’s fixer received checks on an installment basis to avoid taxes and hide the event.

He testified that Trump signed the August 1, 2017 installment check, long after he had taken the Oval Office:

‘…when he was president of the United States, pursuant to the cover-up. This $35,000 check was one of 11 check installments that was paid throughout the year, while he was president.’

Featured image is a screenshot via YouTube.