Trump 2020 Chances Take Major Blow After New Approval Numbers Show Dramatic Decline


Despite what Trump tells us constantly — that he’s the best “president” the world has ever seen, that everything he does is “well-received” and that those who disagree are liars spreading “fake news” — his overall approval rating has been plummeting, reaching a record-breaking low during the month of January 2019, and has remained well below 50 percent as we near the end of February.

It’s no surprise that his approval rating dropped significantly after he shut the government down, but for some strange reason — we blame his base who seem to fall on his every word — it was back up closer to 47 percent after his ridiculous State of the Union address. Today, however, according to a new Hill-HarrisX poll, Trump’s rating is back down to 45 percent.

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Screenshot via The Hill-HarrisX Poll

The Hill reports:

‘Forty-five percent of registered voters contacted Feb. 17-18 said they approved of the way that Trump has been carrying out his official duties, down from 47 percent who said the same on Feb. 7-8.

‘The majority of voters, 55 percent, said they disapproved of the president’s job performance, up two points from the previous survey.’

The Hill poll also noted that Trump’s lowest marks came from younger voters — those under the age of 35 — who he and his base usually dismiss, calling them “millennial” as if it were an insult. The truth is, these are the voters that Trump should NOT be ignoring, as hundreds of thousands of new voters turning 18 this year will be on hand to vote in the upcoming 2020 election. If Trump isn’t in jail by then, he might want to open his eyes a bit.

This latest poll was conducted by using “a nationally representative sample of registered voters and has a sampling margin of error of 3.1 percentage points.”

Featured image via YouTube screenshot