Trump Jr. Goes Bonkers During Cohen Hearing With Rage Tweet Explosion Of Crazy


This week, former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen finally made his way to Congress for further testimony, weeks after he’d originally been set to appear. Donald Trump Jr. took it upon himself to live-tweet during the public Wednesday House Oversight Committee hearing where the lawyer appeared, seemingly unnerved by the testimony.

He slammed the lawyer’s opening statement with what he no doubt thought was clever but really adds nothing substantive or evidence-based to the discussion whatsoever.

The president’s son whined:

‘This sounds like a breakup letter… and I’m keeping your sweatshirt.’

Cohen had asserted during his opening remarks:

‘I am ashamed, because I know what Mr. Trump is. He is a racist, he is a conman, and he is a cheat.’

The lawyer also asserted that while in office, Trump has become the “worst version of himself” and that although he is technically capable of basic measures of human decency like kindness, those are not his default positions.

Although those statements are admittedly broad, the now former lawyer had documentation to back him up. He shared with Congress, for instance — as he’s said before — that after South African leader Nelson Mandela died, and while Barack Obama served as the president of the United States, Trump posed the rhetorical question of what place led by a black person isn’t a “shithole.” The language is the same the president is alleged to have used to describe African nations during an infamous White House discussion about immigration after he became president.

Cohen also had evidence for his claims that Trump is a conman and a cheat, explaining, for instance, how while in the White House, he helped orchestrate the illegal hush money scheme targeting women with whom he had affairs. Cohen has a copy of a check that Trump himself signed reimbursing the then-lawyer for $130,000 that went to adult film star Stormy Daniels that Cohen had delivered at the president’s explicit direction.

Trump Jr. tried to explain away Cohen’s assertions, but he hardly had much evidence of his own.

Cohen also shared other anecdotes, like the occasions on which Trump had Cohen inform small businesses with which the Trump Organization had worked that they wouldn’t be getting expected payment for their services, and even that Trump had Cohen set up a fake bidder at an auction of portraits including one of the eventual president so that it would go for the highest price possible. The actual money eventually came out of Trump’s supposedly charitable foundation.

Trump Jr. prefers his snarky tweets to confronting the evidence, however. The most evidence he had early on in the hearing was that “everyone knows” that Cohen actually did want a White House job, implying that his absence from the administration is part of why he’s flipped.

Asserting “everyone knows” something isn’t exactly a solid argument, although he used the same to try and discredit Cohen’s lawyer Lanny Davis.

Besides expressing support for Oversight Committee ranking member Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) for trying to keep the hearing from even proceeding because Cohen had not delivered a copy of his opening statement on time, Trump Jr. implied once it got underway that all the witness was trying to do was ease the legal burden of three years in prison he’s facing.

In part replying to a GOP post about Cohen changing his tune on Trump supposedly only after he faced legal scrutiny, Trump Jr. insisted:

‘Funny how things change when you’re trying to save your ass… And that’s what all this is about. Cohen just wants to be famous. He always wanted his own TV show and the limelight and when he couldn’t get it one way he had to try another.’

Trump Jr. would know! It really doesn’t take a rocket scientist or Congressional testimony to indicate just how intent on the limelight and keeping themselves out of trouble that the Trumps themselves are.

Check out Twitter’s response to that last post…

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