Trump Jr. Wakes Up In Panic & Tweets At Michael Cohen During Public Mental Collapse


Like father, like son. While President Donald Trump continues to make a name for himself with his incessant, incendiary tweeting, so does Donald Trump Jr., although supposedly they both have something else to be doing. This Wednesday, in the hours before former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen appeared publicly before Congress, Trump Jr. took on a host of topics, including the former family ally.

Responding to a rhetorical question from perpetual right wing antagonist Charlie Kirk about why we should take Cohen seriously if he’s previously lied to Congress, Trump Jr. mockingly quipped:

‘This time it’s different’

To be abundantly clear, Cohen lied previously thanks in large apparent part to loyalty to the Trump team that he has now abandoned. This week, House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) said he would be questioning the lawyer about who in the president’s inner circles, including even the president himself, might have been in on the deception.

In other words, although Trump Jr. seems intent on going with the narrative that Cohen’s credibility issues make the Trump family free from any future impact of his testimony — in reality, the issues themselves only further condemn the Trump team. Cohen was Trump’s personal lawyer, who lied about the scope of efforts to construct a Trump Tower Moscow to protect the eventual president, who’d been more involved in the project than he’d admitted.

For a time, Cohen also went along with a scheme to conceal a hush money scheme targeting women with whom Donald Trump — not Michael Cohen — had affairs, and he’s since faced criminal charges for that hush money, which he delivered at the direction of Donald Trump.

Snarky tweets don’t count as a legal defense, Trump Jr. Cohen will reportedly be coming to Congress this week with ample documentation for his claims, ranging from that Trump really was in on the illegal hush money scheme to that in private, he’s a raging racist. The lawyer will even testify that Donald Trump Jr. himself signed one of the checks reimbursing the lawyer for the hush money, making him another apparent co-conspirator.

In other words, he has good reason to worry as much as he apparently is. Trump Jr. went so far as to claim that Cohen’s testimony was an attempt to “disrupt” the “nuclear peace talks” Trump Sr. is currently engaged in with North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un in Vietnam.

To be clear, this now second round of personal interactions between the leaders has yet to produce a significant tangible concession from the North Koreans.

This Wednesday, Trump Jr. also revived some of his other favorite talking points, like that transgender girl athletes aren’t really girls — because making sure that high schoolers he’s never met are treated according to their “right” gender is a big deal for him, apparently.

Check out Twitter’s response below.

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