North Korean Govt. Releases Conflicting Statement On Trump’s Claims


The president walked away from denuclearization talks with Kim Jong un Wednesday after a very costly failed attempt to make a deal with the leader of North Korea. Trump left Hanoi yesterday saying that the deal fell through because Kim wanted Trump to lift all sanctions against the country and offered little in exchange.

Now, a North Korean official has released a statement respectfully calling the president a liar. North Korean foreign minister Ri Yong Ho had this to say about the summit and Trump’s remarks afterwards:

“This proposal was the biggest denuclearization measure we could take at the present stage in relations to [the] current level of confidence between the DPRK and the United States.”

Ri continued:

“Our principle stance will remain invariable, and our proposal will never be changed even though the United States proposes negotiation again in the future.”

Trump knows he’d be unable to return home if he lifted the sanctions on North Korea without lifting the sanctions he’s put on our allies. The president had to go into the summit knowing he would not lift any sanctions on North Korea just to save face alone.

When asked whether he wants all of North Korea’s nukes in exchange for a lightening of sanctions, Trump said:

“we want a lot to be given up.”