Reporter Overhears Trump & Gaetz Phone Call, Investigation Starts In Hrs


Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz made headlines this week when he did some public witness tampering on Twitter like only someone dumb enough to affiliate with Trump would do. Gaetz threatened to tell Michael Cohen’s wife that he cheated on her, an action that was not only unbecoming of a government official, but also illegal being that Cohen was a witness set to testify the very next day.

Pelosi called him out publicly and warned him that witness tampering was illegal, to which he deleted the tweet and apologized.

Now, however, it’s being reported that it was Trump himself who ordered Gaetz to issue an attack on Cohen after Gaetz was overheard telling Trump that he was “happy to do it for him.”

A reporter fromĀ The AtlanticĀ Edward-Isaac Dovere says that he overheard the conversation between Trump and Gaetz. Trump had apparently called Gaetz on the phone from Vietnam, and Gaetz made the boneheaded mistake of making their conversation accessible to the ears of others.

Gaetz has since turned down requests for comments about that phone call, leading Walter Shaub to call for an investigation by both the Florida Bar and the Office of Congressional Ethics into Gaetz’s actions.

The Florida Bar is now investigating.