Trump’s Hometown Paper Delivers Stunning Rebuke & It’s Sad


Wednesday was a big day for the Trump Administration, and even though the president was in Vietnam getting shot down by Kim Jong un, you best believe he was watching the testimony of his former lawyer Michael Cohen. Cohen dropped some bombs yesterday, and came across as a very credible witness, regardless of GOP attempts to make him look like he plead guilty to his crimes and was subsequently sentenced to three years in prison, all so he could testify against the president as a form of payback. Makes sense, right?

Trump’s hometown newspaper, the NY Daily News responded to the testimony with a cover image that has Trump on the verge of losing his marbles.

Cohen didn’t hold back as he finally had his time to speak, and even with Republicans making fools of themselves with tantrums and false claims about the disgraced former attorney, he kept his composure, which ended up making his statements about the president feel even more reliable.

People on Twitter agreed that Cohen toasted Donald, with the exception of a few trolls for Trump who like looking foolish on the interwebs. Check out the best reactions in the comment thread of the tweet above: