Trump Jr. Goes Full-Psycho In Friday Cohen Testimony Twitter Panic



There is no greater irony than one of the Trumps ranting on Twitter about someone’s credibility being destroyed because they’ve been caught in lies before. On Friday, Donald Trump, Jr. attempted to smear Michael Cohen by saying that people should believe nothing that he says other than the things that make the Trumps look good.

For the record, Cohen cannot “lower his sentence.” He’s already been sentenced and will soon go to prison to serve three years for a crime everyone heard Donald Trump talk to him about on tape.

The “relevant information,” according to Junior, is only that Cohen never overheard attempts to conspire with Russia or knew of blackmail that the Kremlin had over Trump. All other information is irrelevant and Cohen is just a liar. What he fails to point out is that if Cohen was only interested in smearing the Trumps and is willing to lie to do so, he could’ve just said that he did overhear these things. Instead, he had to be honest.

Cohen has already been convicted of lying to Congress and is going to prison for it. Why would anyone buy the idea that he would go in front of Congress and lie once again, which would add time to his sentence if he were caught?

While on the subject of liars and changing stories, has anyone forgotten the 2016 Trump Tower meeting and Junior’s blatant lie about Russian adoption? Changing stories seems to be a favorite strategy by the Trumps, but only once they’re caught.

No one was impressed by Junior’s rant. Read some of Twitter’s comments below:

Featured image via Flickr by Gage Skidmore under a Creative Commons license