Trump Posts Otto Warmbier Death Tweets That Have People Sick


The president of the United States has no class, and zero compassion for anyone at all. His various statements about sensitive situations, like recent tragedies, are so far out of line that Americans are getting sick of hearing him comment on them at all.

The death of Otto Warmbier at the hands of North Korean officials is beyond reprehensible, to many, it is an act of war. However, the current president has a soft spot for tyrants like Kim Jong un and will never hold the country accountable for the violent and brutal death of the young American.

After taking Kim Jong un’s word for it when he promised Trump that he had no knowledge of a life-threatening injury sustained by Warmbier; a statement which many people found unbelievable.

After publicly stating that he trusted Kim Jong un’s word, Trump received a mass of backlash from the public, something he apparently wasn’t prepared for.

Now, Trump is backpedaling on original statements. Check out what he just said on Twitter:

The people responding to Trump’s tweet were furious about the casual nature in which the president speaks of an American who was brutally and unjustly murdered by an enemy of the state. Check out the best reaction below: