Trump Violates Emoluments Clause In Saturday AM Tweet


In one of the most bizarre press conferences with a president in history, Donald Trump once stood on a stage surrounded by stacks of paper as tall as he is, telling the American people that the papers were what he had signed giving up his business interests to his sons. The sheer volume of paperwork, he seemed to believe, proved something.

It’s been obvious, however, that Trump has given up nothing. Under multiple investigations for violations of the emoluments clause, which says that a president can have no financial interests during their terms in office, Trump took to Twitter on Saturday to promote his golf club in Scotland.

The people of Scotland have repeatedly protested Trump’s golf course, which was built on top of protected sand dunes. Trump has little concern over details like environmental protection in the face of earning a dollar, and the course was built despite outrage from the Scottish people. When he traveled to Scotland in 2018, around 1,600 Scottish people gathered to protest his arrival on the golf course.

How Trump thinks that a golf course in Scotland helps the United States with allies in Great Britain while he threatens to pull out of NATO and criticizes allied countries for not “paying their fair share” despite agreements to increase their NATO spending is anyone’s guess. It’s highly unlikely that the government of the U.K. is all that concerned with Trump’s golf resorts, and the American people have been critical of Trump’s emoluments violations since he first took office.

Twitter was stunned by Trump’s blatant violations. Read some of their comments below:

Featured image via Flickr by Gage Skidmore under a Creative Commons license