Treasonous Trump Snaps & Rage-Tweets Deranged Sunday Conniption Fit


Dictators the world over just love “negotiating” with Donald Trump. America’s weakest president in our nation’s history just gives these dictators everything they want and expects nothing in return. Some negotiator! Last week after Trump met with Kim Jong Un, Trump agreed to put a stop to some of the most important war games this country takes part in.

Kim Jong Un had to be completely thrilled with that decision considering he’d been complaining about them for years. It appears that Kim has a new plaything in Trump, even though Trump tried to play it off as his own idea. Remember the old days when we had a strong president who didn’t bow down to dictators? Those were the days when the U.S. led from a position of strength. Trump then tweeted about the daughter he’d love to date being on TV.

What exactly has she achieved for this country? She’s used her dad’s presidency to do nothing but further enrich her family at the expense of the rest of us. That’s probably what Trump was bragging about though. He then went on to distract his fans from the fact that he’s a traitor to this nation, and using lies to make them think that the Democrats are to blame.

“When we’re in the majority” was especially telling. When they were in majority they did nothing but obstruct our government. Thus Trump was able to name not one, but two justices to the Supreme Court. If it hadn’t been for Mitch McConnell’s obstruction President Obama would have appointed one of those justices.

Trump then talks about a “fake” dossier. Nothing in that dossier has been proved fake yet. In fact we’re all excited for the Democrats, who’re finally investigating Trump, to come to the same conclusion as the writers of the dossier. Today’s tweets are nothing but smoke and mirrors attempting to cover up some of Trump’s failings.

Check out what the Twitterverse thought of Trump’s idiotic tweets.

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