Carson Makes Resignation Announcement That Has GOP’rs Spinning


Ben Carson, the Trump administration’s Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Secretary, said in an interview today that he’s “likely” stepping down and leaving his role after Trump’s first term in office.

Carson must be over the never-ending controversies facing Trump, his administration and inner-circle. In a pattern that likely shocks no one, Carson will be only the latest person drawing a line between himself and the turbulence of Trump’s presidency.

Once a contender against Trump in the 2016 Presidential Election and after dropping out of the race, Trump quickly saw a token black man who happened to also be a conservative and used him to fill the role for HUD Secretary.

No stranger to controversy like any of Trump’s administration members, Carson has had his fair share of issues. In early 2018 he faced criticism for a $31,000 dining set to be used in his office, which he eventually canceled. The take-back was blamed by Carson on his own wife, which led to the department’s inspector general opening a review of Carson’s family’s involvement at the agency.

Carson, like Trump, also had strict policy stances that aimed to remove Obama-era policy, like his move to roll back housing regulations that worked to end discrimination and create a fair housing environment.

Also, a hot talking point for anyone with integrity was the fact that, prior to Carson’s White House role, he had no previous experience in housing or even government. Sounds best that he just stay away from policy and this move is one of the smartest the man has ever made. Get out of that dumpster fire before it completely blows up.

At least Trump can add to his list of achievements yet another departure from his upside-down White House.

Featured image via YouTube screenshot.