Mueller Gets Roger Stone In Trouble With Judge Over Gag Order


Ever the conspiracy theorist, Roger Stone is in hot water again.

Breaking news has come in that Roger Stone may have violated his recent gag order by sharing an image on his Instagram account this past weekend, suggesting he’s been framed.

The notice (in the form of photo evidence) was sent to District Court Judge Amy Berman Jackson, who is overseeing Stone’s criminal case, by Robert Mueller and US Attorney Jessie Liu.

Here is a portion of what the filing says, which can be seen here in its entirety:

‘on March 3, 2019,the defendant’s Instagram account shared an image with the title “who framed Roger Stone.”A copy of the image is submitted under seal as Exhibit C.1.’

Stone was put on a more-specific and broad gag order on February 21 following a social media post he made of Judge Amy Berman Jackson with crosshairs located near her head. The image has since been removed from his account.

It was learned this past Friday that Stone has plans to release a book titled The Myth of Russian Collusion which raised eyebrows. Per Stone’s attorney, the “new” book is simply a re-release of a previously published title The Making of the President 2016. The attorney added that it “did not occur” to tell the judge about Stone’s new book, despite the gag order.

His attorney added:

‘To the best of Stone’s knowledge, information, and belief, not a single word in the book was created after February 21, 2019.’

However, the jacket of the upcoming book notes that it now has “an explosive new introduction.” When was the introduction written, before or after the gag order?

It is also said that Mueller and Liu have alerted Judge Breman Jackson that his book is currently available publically on Amazon and Google Books.

This is a developing story.

Featured image via YouTube screenshot.