Pelosi Taunts Trump With Monday Legal Threats Like A Pint-Sized Hero


Nancy Pelosi is prepared to wage war with Donald Trump if he tries to pull any slick moves in regards to the legislation created to block Trump’s emergency declaration. Last month, Trump announced that the chaos happening at the southern border with Mexico warranted a national emergency, even though video evidence and detailed accounts from the border showed the exact opposite. Trump even went golfing the next day, right in the middle of said national emergency.

We literally haven’t heard anything about the alleged emergency since then, (because it doesn’t exist) and we won’t be. This leaves Nancy Pelosi no choice but to threaten the president with a lengthy court case if he tries to veto the declaration block.

Pelosi just said this via CNN:

“We’ll fight him in the Congress, we’ll fight him in the courts, and we’ll fight him in the court of public opinion. What he’s doing is wrong, and the Republicans know it.”

Trump has promised to veto the bill, leaving Pelosi no choice but to pull out the big guns. Democrats will take the president of the United States to court if he tries to stop the legislation that will stop him from abusing the nation’s security system.

Pelosi continued:

“Hopefully the President won’t veto it — or maybe he’ll just withdraw it, as some of his Republican, the Republican senators are asking him to do because they know that it undermines the Constitution of the United States.”

According to Pelosi, Trump is, “asking us to ignore the oath of office that we take to protect and defend the Constitution by this declaration.” CNN reports that, “if the President vetoes the measure, Congress would need two-thirds of its members in both chambers to overrule the veto, which is unlikely.”

Pelosi dug her heel in a little deeper with this seemingly direct message to Trump:

“I think it’s very hard to have a veto.”