Trump Calls Military Exercises ‘War Games’ & Gets Annihilated In Seconds


The president is a man of many words. Unfortunately, he is not a man of putting those words together in a fashion that makes any sense whatsoever. The man says things that he thinks will manipulate the masses, and admittedly so, it does work on 46% of the country. For the educated half, however, the president’s daily tweets are not only illiterate, but a scary insight into the mental issues that are seemingly plaguing Donald Trump.

Trump just did the unthinkable, yet again. He called the military exercises between the U.S. and South Korea “war games” that he decided were unnecessary because of the cost. Look at what he just said:

People responding to Trump’s tweet were just as appalled at the notion that military exercises are comparable to battle reenactments. Just look at the remarks that were left in the comment thread of this tweet: