Trump Responds To Deadly Alabama Tornadoes Like A Little Punk


Sunday brought devastating tornadoes to the state of Alabama Monday, killing at least 23 people, and injuring many others. While the state and its citizens are reeling from the disaster, the president is bragging on the internet that he has directed FEMA to give them top-notch service, unlike liberal California, which he threatened to pull wildfire-aid funding from.

The president just tweeted this nonsense, completely pissing off Americans:

Is the president being so friendly with Alabama because he knows it’s a deep red state who votes for him, or is he just acting out of the kindness out of his heart?

The latter is just funny, right?

If these storms had caused the same devastation in California, the president would be making threats instead of gloating about asking FEMA to do its job.

People responding to Trump’s tweet went berserk instantly, and we saved the best reactions to the tweet for your viewing pleasure below: