Trump Responds To Tornado Deaths On National TV Like A Derp


On Sunday, a horrible tornado swept through Alabama killing at least 23 people and devastating parts of southeast Alabama. The powerful storm system also slashed its way across parts of Georgia, South Carolina and Florida.

On Monday, Mr. Trump promptly pledged support to help with the destruction, as one would expect any president to do. However, people have not forgotten his horrible track record on disaster relief after Puerto Rico was left reeling from Hurricane Maria, and the state of California was devastated by wildfires, but the president’s only promise was to cut their aid.

Alabama, Georgia, and Florida are all predominantly Republican states, and it is likely that Trump just wants to do all he can to maintain his supporters as he prepares for his reelection campaign.

Here’s what Twitter had to say:

Mr. Trump pledged federal assistance to Georgia, Alabama, and Florida after all three states were hit by the deadly storms. Trump said:

‘The tornadoes were vicious and powerful and strong and they suffered greatly. So we’ll be helping out.’

Sheriff Jay Jones talked to reporters about the damage in Alabama. He said:

‘The devastation is incredible.’

According to CBS News:

‘Jones described the damage as “catastrophic” based on the destruction of homes in the area, CBS Columbus, Georgia, affiliate WRBL-TV reported. Jones confirmed children were among the dead and said some people were still thought to be missing.’

Jones said that he couldn’t recall “at least in the last 50 years … a situation where we have had this loss of life that we experienced today.”

Featured image is a screenshot from YouTube