AOC Unleashes 6-Tweet Barrage Of Demands For Jim Jordan’s Removal


A lot of talk around Capitol Hill has led Democrats to a precarious position after new Muslim Rep. Ilhan Omar found herself strapped into the hot seat over her now old remarks about Israeli corruption. See, some people say you cannot criticize Israel at all because it is a Jewish nation and Jews cannot be criticized because they have a history of tragic persecution. *cough* What about black people?

After Omar made her statements, many agreed with what she said about Israel, but many, including Dem leader Nancy Pelosi, forced Omar to apologize for her words, a move that really screwed Omar.

Once Republicans knew that Democrats were turning on Omar, they picked up the story and have refused to drop it. Omar has since apologized for her statement, but that apparently isn’t enough. The GOP wants her booted from the House.

(REMINDER: Republicans say racist, denigrating things about other cultures and races all the time and literally nothing is done because Democrats are spineless.)

AOC seems to be the only person with enough brass to back up Omar at any cost. She just unveiled so many Tweets Tuesday morning that her phone has got to be hot to the touch.

The responses to those tweets were right on point. Check out the best ones below: