Trump Talks Veteran Suicide On Twitter & Gets Smashed In Seconds


You know how you can tell when Donald Trump has had a really bad week? Well it’s when he tries to change his national profile by doing something either outrageous…or something good. He usually goes the outrageous route, but after the shellacking he took last week, he decided to do something good this time. Today he announced on Twitter that he just signed an executive order to help reduce the number of veteran suicides.

Normally Trump prefers attacking our nation’s veterans, but today he decided to help some of them. According to the White House today’s EO is intended to create a national roadmap to empower veterans and end veteran suicide. Trump intends to put Veteran Affairs Secretary Robert Wilkie in charge of a cabinet-level task force to combat veteran suicide with state and federal resources.

According to the Department of Veteran’s Affairs roughly 20 veterans per day take their own lives. In 2016, the suicide rate among veterans was 1.5 times higher than non-veterans. These are appalling numbers and it’s about time Donald Trump stepped up and did something about this travesty.

Sadly as soon as the EO signing was over Trump jumped off the subject of veteran suicides and got back to his favorite topic which is attacking Democrats over investigations into his administration. It’s as if he can’t keep his mind on one topic for more than two or three minutes before he feels compelled to change the subject.

Maybe he signed today’s executive order just so he could get some more camera time to attack Democrats, because it’s obvious that he really doesn’t give two hoots about our vets. If he did he would have done something long before now. Check out what the Twitterverse thought of Trump today.

Featured Image screenshot via YouTube