Trump Approval Ratings Released – Results Show A Big Blue Wave


According to the latest Gallup poll, released Tuesday, President Trump’s approval ratings are all over the place. Almost all of his support comes from party loyalty, rather than rational thought, as evidenced by the dramatic difference between the support he receives from his own party and, well, everybody else.

Currently, his overall job approval rating is at ninety percent among registered Republicans, but only 20% among Independents and 6% among Democrats. This leaves his overall rating for unemployment at a deceptively high 43%.

Likewise, Republicans approve of Trump’s handling of the economy at an overwhelming rate of 93 percent, while only 20 percent of Democrats agree. This extreme split is why his economic approval rating is as high as it currently is, at 56%, despite his single-handed destruction of the U.S. soybean market.

Trump’s approval rating on unemployment is split along similar lines, with Republicans approving by a whopping 90%, with Democrats and Independents coming in at 56% and 21%, respectively. This leaves his overall rating at 54%.

As for current relations between the U.S. and North Korea, Trump’s overall approval rating is 51%, with results falling along the predictable party lines. Republicans support his actions by an overwhelming 88%, while Democrats and Independents show a 46% and 17% approval rating, respectively.

Of course, even Trump’s rabidly blind followers can’t bring up his approval ratings on the Russia situation. His fan base supports him, as usual, at a rate of 80%, while only 31% of Democrats and 5% of Independents agree.

With supporters like the KKK and American Neo-Nazis among Trump’s most faithful supporters, it should come as no surprise that they approve of his handling of race relations by 18%, while Democrats and Independents overwhelmingly disapprove (70% and 94% disapproval, respectively), bringing his overall approval to a dismal 38%.

Lastly, but of more importance, is Trump’s approval rating in relation to his handling of corruption in government. Even his most avid supporters can’t bring his approval rating above its current 37%.

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Of course, Trump’s loyal fans did their best, approving at a rate of 79%. It just wasn’t enough to offset the Democrats’ 27% and Independents’ 7%.

Gallup based its poll results on interviews with 1,932 adults between February 12 2019 and February 28 2019, with a margin of error of +/- 3%.

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