Trump Jr. Delivers Transphobic Attack On Actress Alyssa Milano


Apparently, the Trump’s have nothing important to do, ever, such as this weekend.

It’s a Saturday evening and both Donald Trump and his son, Don Jr., are busy attacking their rivals on social media. And it doesn’t matter if you’re a celebrity and activist named Alyssa Milano or a political hack, loyalist-turned-pessimistic such as Ann Coulter.

A conversation between a hater of Milano’s seemed to have got the attention of Don Jr., who couldn’t help but interject himself in the middle, like a man who over-compensates for things he may be lacking.

Meet “Kirk.” Kirk seems to be a MAGA-troll, which are sadly overrated and very popular across all social media platforms. Here is a screenshot of his Twitter profile:

Trump Derangement Syndrome criteria all met above: The guy can’t spell “receaved?” and is also, clearly, a Trump loyalist– Kirk’s also been in and out of Twitmo (Twitter jail), per his tweets above. So after he tweeted Alyssa Milano with an insensitive and transphobic tweet, she replied, which can be seen above.

Don Jr., having none of this, chimed in to protect his snowflake fan, Kirk, with the following:

So forgive us while we’re popping popcorn and pulling up chairs.

It is a joke that the “First Family” wastes precious time in pointless online spats, while Flint still doesn’t have clean water, children are still unaccounted for and separated from their parents, Russia has our country compromised by way of the Trumps, there’s still turmoil in Puerto Rico and people are still homeless in Paradise, California.

Oh, and you know. This:

Milano has been a relentless target of Trump’s family and his supporters since the beginning. She has turned her celebrity status into a forceful platform for the disenfranchised (and to criticize Trump whenever she can) and we love her for it.

With all of this happening in our country (comment what we’re missing… actually, don’t), the Trumps’ issues and priorities seem beyond out of touch. Not to mention high school.

*Pinches self to check pulse*

Here are some of the best replies to Don the Con Jr. on Twitter:

Featured image via YouTube screenshot.