Trump Jr. Goes Full Bigot During Nasty Saturday Rant About ‘Trans Mobs’


For some reason, Donald Trump Jr. continues to try and meddle in the transgender athletes community although he has no apparent actual stake in the group whatsoever. This weekend on Twitter, he joined the chorus of Republicans complaining that tennis star Martina Navratilova had apologized for suggesting transgender females with a possible biological advantage from their birth sex were “cheating” if they competed against born females.

He whined:

‘Will the BS ever end? To watch this great champion get destroyed by the outrage mob for speaking common sense is too much.’

The title of an article about the issue that he included in his tweet was even more outlandishly hyperbolic, offering:

‘Martina Navratilova, Who Beat Communism, Got Eaten By The Trans Mob’

The incident began when in an interview in February, Navratilova suggested that transgender females should not compete against cisgender females because of the biological differences between them, which can translate to differences in athletic ability. She made clear that she had no issue with respecting transgender people’s gender identity outside of sports, but when it came to biology-dependent sports, she “would not be happy to compete against” a transgender woman.

She faced harsh criticism for her remarks, and eventually apologized. From there, the issue could simply fade into the past, right? After all, we have lots more serious issues to be dealing with, right?

Not if Trump Jr. gets his way. He’s whining about people supposedly feigning outrage while he himself drums up outrage about an issue that quite simply has nothing to do with him.

It’s not the first time he’s done so. He has raged online about transgender student athletes who’ve competed in situations similar to the one Navratilova was describing, asserting that they should be kept separate. In that particular Connecticut instance, the transgender students in question had managed to again finish well in a state track meet, and the implication was that they were taking away from “real” girls who deserved the benefits of victory… or something.

There have been plenty on both sides of the question of who transgender athletes should compete against, and it remains a delicate issue, with numerous interests to balance — not including Donald Trump Jr. He’s just stirring up outrage in an instance where none is warranted. Like father, like son, apparently.

His recent antagonism of the transgender community doesn’t even stop there. During a recent appearance at the Conservative Political Action Conference, he mockingly asserted that those listening could “take a page out of the liberal playbook” and “identify how we want,” as if the push for acceptance of transgender people includes simply flippantly waking up one morning and deciding how to identify without regard for actual identity.

Why does Trump Jr. care so much? There’s not even any indication that the longtime left-leaning Navralitova has any interest whatsoever in defense from the Trumps. She made her apparent peace with the situation and moved on. Yet again, the Trumps are simply using bigotry singling out particular groups of people to reach out into some demented fantasy.

Check out Twitter’s response including some angry Trump supporters…

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