Trump Spirals Into Hilarious Weekend Twitter Attack On Ann Coulter


The president is obsessed with anyone who talks about him. Love him or hate him, Donald Trump loves having his name in people’s mouths. He makes his haters famous by focusing his attention and public tantrums on them. He actually tweets about books written by people who want to see him impeached and imprisoned, not even realizing that he is advertising the book’s release and, in turn, making said hater money.

The same goes for Ann Coulter, who is barely even on the human radar. Her hateful rhetoric is mostly just ignored. She tries very hard to be as shocking as she can, but it hasn’t garnered the career she hoped it would.

She only got Trump’s attention because she’s a conservative, and therefore stupid enough to support and vote for him. However, since she recently turned on the president after he reopened the government without getting funding for his border wall, the president has been totally obsessed with her.

Look at what Trump just tweeted about her out of the blue:

The people viewing the tweet on Twitter had a lot to say about the president’s ridiculously childish behavior when he has an entire country to run. Below are some of those reactions: