Out-Of-Shape Trump Struggles Climbing Stairs & Gets Mocked Mercilessly


Trump is not exactly known for his physical fitness, and even bragged about loving McDonald’s Big Macs before he was mocked mercilessly for it. Now he just serves the crap to American athletes who come to the White House for the first time.

Big Booty Judy, as people like me like to call him, fills out his suits quite well, and even gives meaning to the pleats at the bottoms of coat jackets meant to make room for derrieres that most men do not have much of.

So when Trump arrived in Vietnam Tuesday morning when it was still dark, cameras were trained on his exit from Air Force One. One thing people noticed immediately was that the president was having a tough time managing the stairs:

Seemingly, a lot of the people who watched the video on Twitter via CNN’s international page were thinking the same thing. Some people, on the other hand, made no sense at all.


Check out the reactions to that tweet below: