White Tourist Fondles Woman In Public, Gets Surprise Of His Life


Several women were out for the night, having fun when a tourist came up and did a Donald Trump. He groped one of them. The response he got was absolutely satisfying for those of us who live vicariously. An onlooker captured the whole incident on his phone, warning other guys to “think twice.”

He tweeted that a man should never “ever grope a woman” and asked others to retweet his tweet:

‘Tourist gropes Thia Women in Public and this is what happens…

Think twice before you ever grope a woman.


This unwanted sexual contact or touching was a form of sexual violence, according to the National Sexual Violence Resource Center. Social norms have condoned this type of violence as masculinity, but in actuality it was power over another and “subjugation of women.”

‘Oppression in all of its forms is among the root causes of sexual violence. Sexual violence is preventable through collaborations of community members at multiple levels of society—in our homes, neighborhoods, schools, faith settings, workplaces, and other settings. We all play a role in preventing sexual violence and establishing norms of respect, safety, equality, and helping others.’

In order to consent a woman must be able to give it freely and change her mind at any time. Consent is far more than yes or no. It involves the person’s “level of comfort with different sexual interactions.”

One in five women in this country have been raped or the victim of an attempted rape. The same holds true for one in 71 men:

‘An estimated 32.3% of multiracial women, 27.5% of American Indian/Alaska Native women, 21.2% of non-Hispanic black women, 20.5% of non-Hispanic white women, and 13.6% of Hispanic women were raped during their lifetimes (Black et al., 2011)…Victims are never at fault.’

Twitter world went crazy. Check out our favorites below:

Featured image is a screenshot via YouTube.