Don Jr. Goes Ballistic Over Paul Ryan On Twitter Like A Bored Loser


Yesterday, during a lecture in Vero Beach, FL, Former House Speaker Paul Ryan did what Trumpians would consider “the unthinkable” and said that Trump could actually be beaten in 2020 — specifically because of his horrible personality.

Ryan said:

‘The person who defines that race is going to win the race. If this is about Donald Trump and his personality, he isn’t going to win it.’

It sounds like Trump WON’T have Ryan’s vote, and we don’t blame him. Trump’s “personality” has been the dividing factor during his entire so-called “presidency” and the campaign before the election.

Someone must have clued Don Jr. in about Ryan’s statement, because he wasn’t at all pleased, and took to Twitter to air his grievances. What he said was ridiculous.

The Twitterverse had a field day! Here are some of our favorite responses:

When even the biggest weasels (Paul Ryan) jump ship and start speaking the truth about the Mistake-in-Chief, you (Don Jr.) really should start listening. Maybe he’s trying to HELP you? Knowing the arrogance that comes along with anyone bearing the Trump name, they won’t listen, and that can only be good for whoever runs against Donald in 2020.

Featured image via YouTube screenshot