Trump Bullying Germany To Drop Chinese Contract Or Else


There are many problems with Donald Trump attacking the U.S.’s long-term allies. Before he took office, POTUS wanted to disband NATO, but calmer heads dissuaded him from making that terrible mistake. His abuse of the nation’s allies has resulted in them ignoring Trump exactly when he needs to influence them, like now.

The Chinese company Huawei Technologies, Inc. plans to install 5G technology in Germany.¬†Berlin wanted the company to build the European country’s next generation mobile-internet infrastructure.¬†The company’s telecom networks and advanced technology would put Germany on the cutting edge.

It seems, Trump does occasionally listen to his intelligence officials. They have warned that Huawei spies on other countries for the Chinese government through software they place on their phones.

U.S. Ambassador to Germany Richard Grenell sent a threatening letter to Germany’s economics minister. according to The Wall Street Journal. He wrote saying that unless the country breaks its contract with the Chinese telecommunications giant and any agreements with other Chinese companies, the U.S. will withhold intelligence from Germany.

Instead, Grenell told the Germans that they should use one of the following telecomm countries instead: Finland’s Nokia, South Korea’s Samsung, or Sweden’s Ericsson Communications.

Trump’s words come across as an empty threat as a number of European countries ready for the next-generation wireless technology, 5G. Germany disagreed with Trump’s concern that Huawei had spy technology. The European country, which is one of America’s top allies, replied that it had seen no such evidence. The Germans plan on letting Huawei build its 5G networks should the corporation meet Germany’s security criteria.

Spokesperson for Germany’s Huawei Patrick Berger said his corporation welcomes any new security requirements from the German telecom regulator.

Featured image is a screenshot via YouTube.