Pelosi Addresses The Nation In Thursday LIVE Stream (VIDEO)


Nancy Pelosi is a major thorn in the side of President Trump, a role she seems to enjoy whole-heartedly. Pelosi is practically a one-woman show, popularity-wise, with her face on every social media outlet and her name in every headline. She gives Trump a run for his money, something Americans are very thankful for indeed. And while many worried about her ability to represent the younger, more hip, Democratic Party that is emerging, she is holding her own and proving us all wrong.

During Pelosi’s weekly press conference Thursday morning, she addressed the nation in regards to this week’s presidential shenanigans, including Trump’s threats to veto any measure passed in the senate to put an end to his fake border emergency.

Check out Nancy below on a LIVE feed via her Facebook page.

Weekly Press Conference — March 14, 2019

I’m speaking with reporters live from the Capitol as we end another busy week here in Washington.

Posted by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Thursday, March 14, 2019

People in the comments were mostly pleased with Pelosi’s remarks. Check out the best responses to Pelosi’s LIVE feed here: