Senate Pulls Plug On Trump’s Fake National Emergency


The president has tried to pull plenty of stunts since he took office three years ago, but none can top the outrageousness that came when Trump pretended there was a literal national emergency at the Mexican border when, in fact, nothing of importance is happening at all.

Last month, the president declared the national emergency just before stating that he “didn’t have to” do it. The move was a clear maneuver for the Trump administration to get funding for the border wall Trump promised the racists who support him.

The clear abuse of presidential power was met with rebuke from all but the most brainwashed of Republicans, and now, a Thursday vote to terminate the faux declaration has passed, according to KTLA:

“In a stunning rebuke, the Republican-controlled Senate has voted to terminate President Donald Trump’s declaration of a national emergency at the U.S.-Mexico border.”

“The Senate voted 59-41 for a resolution to halt Trump’s emergency order. Trump has promised to veto it, and it is unlikely that Congress will have the votes to override him.”

“the vote represents a remarkable break between Trump and Senate Republicans. It’s the first time Congress has used its power to reject a presidential emergency order.”

This is the first time in history that the senate has voted against a president’s emergency declaration since the system was put in place in 1976. Republican senators Mitt Romney and Lamar Alexander are two of the Republicans who voted with Democrats to block the president’s move.