Trump Responds To Senate Vote To Terminate Fake Emergency


The president didn’t waste any time today in responding to the Senate regarding his failed attempts with his prized, fake National Emergency.

Shortly after the 59-41 vote was recorded, Trump took to Twitter for what will likely turn into a barrage of tweets regarding the matter. Per CNN, “Twelve Republican senators joined Democrats and voted for the resolution, rebuking the President on a central issue of his presidency.

So far, Trump’s tweeted twice since the vote happened:

Trump can’t handle that some of his fellow Republicans actually have a grasp on the law and what’s right and wrong. He likely honestly thought that they’d all be in his corner and go against what a majority of Americans believe; there is no emergency at our southern border.

Republican Senator Lamar Alexander of Tennessee had this to say on Trump’s “emergency”:

‘Never before has a president asked for funding, Congress has not provided it, and the president then has used the National Emergencies Act of 1976 to spend the money anyway.

‘The problem with this is that after a Revolutionary War against a king, our nation’s founders gave to Congress the power to approve all spending so that the president would not have too much power. This check on the executive is a crucial source of our freedom.’

The president now plans to veto the decision, but if today’s vote has taught us one thing it’s that his aggression on getting what he wants is likely to completely fail and unravel by the end.

Here are some of the best replies to Trump’s freakouts on Twitter:

Featured image via YouTube screenshot.