Trump Screams One Single Word In ALL CAPS On Twitter


The president is losing his damn mind. While, covfefe is pretty far in the rearview of our Trump memory bank, the president’s Twitter antics have not changed much at all since then. He does try to post actual words now, but there are times, like today, when he is just a toddler throwing a massive tempter tantrum.

Thursday afternoon the senate voted to terminate the fake national emergency Trump claims is taking place on our border with Mexico. After experts agreed that nothing emergent was taking place and that the president’s hijinks were nothing short of a feeble ploy to get funding for his border wall plan, politicians began working to stop him.

The president has already threatened to veto any legislation to stop him from abusing his power as president, and the tweet he just posted is nothing but a double-down of his immaturity:

Doesn’t get any better than that. We even waited a while to see if the president had more thoughts on the matter, but no. This is it. People commenting on his tweet were not amused either. Check out the best responses below: