Obama Releases Post-Shooting Statement That Has Trump Looking Foolish


Trump-supporting White supremacists took the lives of 49 Muslims at a mosque in Christchurch, New Zealand last night. At least one male in his late 20’s was apprehended and charged with homicide. He also live-streamed the massacre on Facebook. It’s a video everyone should watch.

In it, a man dressed in tactical gear walked into a mosque with a head-cam on and opened fire on the countless people inside praying. People were huddled against the walls, in the room with no furniture to hide behind, as the shooter continually pumped bullets into the twitching mounds of human beings.

Watching the pain and suffering firsthand filled me with the rage necessary to fully fight the pandemic of white supremacy.

The president tweeted out his half-assed regards, but what can you really say when the killer names you as an idol in his manifesto?

The real president, President Obama has also released a message to the world about this massacre, and let’s just say, Obama just schooled Trump on the art of empathy. Check him out:

People responding to Obama’s message were in clear mourning, and missing a true leader; one that cried with the nation rather than what we currently have, which is a man that squeezed his fake condolences in between some nasty political remarks.

Below are the best reactions to Obama’s tweet: