Trump Troll Named In Killer’s Manifesto Shows Vile Nature On Twitter


Candace Owens is a vile human being, but Friday morning brought us the realization that, not only is she seriously flawed in her thinking abilities, but she is a sociopathic mental-case as well. After the massacre that claimed the lives of 49 Muslims in New Zealand last night, the killer’s manifesto went viral.

In that manifesto was a question about the killer’s greatest influencer. The killer responded that Trump-regurgitating troll Candace Owens was his number one influence.

Owens, the perpetual victim she is, immediately ranted on Twitter about being accused of influencing this attack on Muslims. It’s not enough evidence that the killer named her in his final manifesto. In her peabrain, this is a clear case of wacky liberals making something out of nothing.

The problem was, however, not that Owens was denying her contribution to the killer’s murderous thought process driven by blind hatred for a group of people he never even tried to understand. The problem was the utter disrespect with which Owens used laughing emojis and “LOL” in her tweets about the tragic attack in which dozens of people were slaughtered.

Check her out:

Owens tweeted again on the incident:

Laughing? Really? After 49 people were murdered? Classy.

People viewing her tweets were not very amused with the disgusting nature in which Owens showed her true, racist colors. The reactions to her tweets were too good to pass up. Check out Owens getting humiliated on Twitter below: