Trump Issues Unwarranted Hate-Attack On John McCain’s Legacy


The president has done a lot of crappy things in his life, and one of them was disrespecting John McCain as he lie on his deathbed. Now, in a step even further into the abyss that separates humankind and wild animals, Trump has tweeted out more hatefulness for the McCain family to deal with. And despite how utterly awful the family is, a war hero deserves respect.

Check out what the useless lump just tweeted about McCain:

Who the hell does he think he is and to what lengths will he go to make himself look slightly less guilty? The man is sunk. There’s no way out of all the investigations into his lifetime of crime, but apparently, he’s going to villainize as many people/groups as he can before he’s finally hauled out of the White House in handcuffs.

People responding to the tweet on Twitter were not very amused either. The backlash Trump received is only a fraction of the karma he has coming his way, but we still saved the best comments for your viewing pleasure.

Watch the president get mocked below: