Trump Tweets Lies To Americans While World Mourns With Muslims


2020 is coming and there are many great Democratic contenders lining up to go against Trump. Trump’s approval ratings, in various areas, are declining. White nationalism is spreading around the world and has now even reared its ugly head in a country like New Zealand.

And in typical dictator fashion, Trump has spent the weekend stirring the pot and people’s fragile emotions with fear-based rhetoric about our country’s fake national emergency on our southern borders.

It’s almost as if Trump and Co. are taking a page out North Korea or Russia’s playbook, where they’re now resorting to publishing fear-mongering, trailer-style videos. If you remember, Russia released a stylized video, promoting their newest missile capabilities just last year:

And here’s one from 2013 where North Korea shows nuclear missiles hitting the White House:

Trump’s video today, showcasing migrants as political pawns and as the ultimate enemy comes just one day after the most deadly anti-Muslim attacks on record in New Zealand; An attack that hit two different mosques in the town of Christchurch, leaving 49 people dead.

In a self-published “manifesto” published prior to his attacks, the attacker praised Donald Trump as a “symbol of renewed white identity and common purpose.”

When Trump was asked about the rise of white nationalism yesterday, and whether or not he believes the sick fact to be true, he simply stated “I don’t think so.” Since yesterday, he tweeted multiple times, stoking the flames of fear and using the same language found in the New Zealand killer’s manifesto, referring to migrants to our country as an “invasion.”

Here are some of the best replies from Twitter to Trump’s latest fake national emergency video:

Featured image via YouTube screenshot.