Obama Shows Up Trump With Inspirational Sunday Message To America


In something as simple as a quick tweet, President Obama can remind the country what presidents look and sound like as they celebrate diversity and our history of immigration that made our country what it is. On Sunday, St. Patrick’s Day, Obama tweeted out good wishes and reminded everyone that immigration is the reason for the greatness of America.

‘In 2011, I visited the tiny town of Moneygall and got to walk around in the house where my great-great-great grandfather Falmouth Kearney lived his early life. I’ll always be grateful for the warmth and generosity of the Irish people. Happy St. Patrick’s Day! -Barack O’Bama.’

While Obama is most often thought of as African since his father was from Kenya, his heritage extends much farther. In 2011, Obama and first lady Michelle visited Moneygall in Ireland where one of his ancestors lived before immigrating to the United States. A few generations later, that immigrant and his family produced a president of the United States.

Compare that tweet to the St. Patrick’s Day Twitter message from the current resident of the White House, which was wedged in between disparaging comments about the late Sen. John McCain and encouragement of his anti-immigrant supporters, Fox News’ Jeanine Pirro and Tucker Carlson. Immediately after praising Ireland and celebrating a holiday that is only part of American culture thanks to Irish immigrants, Trump ranted about being “too politically correct” despite Pirro’s and Carlson’s demonization of Muslims, 50 of whom are dead after a mass shooter who cited Trump as inspiration went into their place of worship and murdered them.

Twitter was nostalgic for a president with class and intelligence. Read some of their comments below: